The Global Round Table Series: Building Tomorrow Together

The Global Round Table Series: Building Tomorrow Together

2019. June 27.


Time: 2019. June 27. |

The next session of Global Round Table Series: Sustainability of Culture.

The Global Round Table is an innovative non-party political initiative with the aim to

provide thought leadership in order to improve the level and quality of information

available to economic- and political decision-makers; and to provide inspiration to civil

society leaders and the young generation.

Since its start Prof. Ferenc Mádl, former President of the Republic of Hungary had

been the initiative’s Protector and High Patron. Since several years, the German

Konrad-Adenauer Foundation and the UNESCO through their Hungarian Commission

are our partners.

The format is an open discussion (without any papers or presentations) between very

select individuals and the working language is English without interpretation.

We expect around 25 participants, an optimal number for this kind of event. This

includes the secretary general of The Club of Rome, president of The Club of Rome

EU Chapter, The Club of Rome members, national academy president, directorgeneral

of national museum, director of institute for historical justice, university

professors, PhD student, etc. Geographically the participants are from Europe, North-

America, Asia and Africa.