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2014. 06. 16.

György Schöpflin: Monuments

In simple terms, the monument is there to memorialise all the victims of the 1944 occupation of Hungary, all of them without exception. And, to declare a personal interest, that includes me. An article by György Schöpflin, MEP.
2014. 06. 05.

If only we could dissolve the people

Popular dissent: the 1953 East German uprising
Eastern Neighbourhood Policy in need of reconsideration 2013. 11. 29.

Eastern Neighbourhood Policy in need of reconsideration

The implications for the European Neighbourhood Policy of the recent decision by the Ukrainian Government not to sign the Free Trade and Political Association Agreements with the EU were at the centre of a two-day conference in Tallinn (Estonia) organised by the EPP Group think-tank, the European Ideas Network, in a joint venture with the International Republican Institute and the Estonian Pro Patria Institute.


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